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Maple Leaf Reiki Ramsgate
Growing and Healing Reiki


Please contact me if you have any questions about the dates below. I update this page as soon as new dates come up.

Due to current circumstances, I can't make firm 

plans about courses. Please let me know if you 

want me to tell you when courses are back on

Saturday 18th July, 1.30-5pm

Online Holy Fire®III Reiki upgrade class (for Holy Fire® and Holy Fire®II Reiki Masters


Friday 24th July, 1.30-5.30

Intro to Holy Fire® Reiki self-healing online (to be be followed up by in-person training in Ramsgate or in Peckham, London to constitute full Reiki 1 training)


Coming up when possible, Reiki 1 and 2  courses in Ramsgate and Peckham. Also taking names for a Holy Fire® III Master/Teacher course in Ramsgate in the Autumn (or sooner if possible!)