Reiki 2

One-day Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II Course

During the day you will receive a further initiation and will be taught three sacred Reiki symbols and how to use them which will greatly increase your ability to heal yourself and others and enable you to send distant and situations healing.  In addition, you will gain a connection to the Holy Fire® energy which is very powerful yet gentle.  Diana teaches Holy Fire® III  World Peace Reiki which is the most recent version of this beautiful energy. Her courses are accredited by thte International Guild of Complementary Therapists

You will have the opportunity to try out your newly acquired abilities and knowledge by treating each other during the course of the day.

What can you do after a Reiki II course?

Use the symbols learned for:

distant healing

healing and helping situations in the past, present and future

increasing the power of your treatments on yourself and others

clearing a space of negative or unwanted energy

mental and emotional cleansing

release blockages from the subconscious to bring greater well- being into your life

Practitioner level - once you are ready

Cost for Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki II course in Ramsgate: £175

(including manual, certificate and refreshments.)

Client comments after Reiki II

"A big thank you for Reiki level 2, it was a lovely day and I felt I got so much from the day :) It is so refreshing to have a teacher who is so accommodating and calm and knows what she is talking about. The day seemed to flow nicely and I felt the other two students made the day even more interesting with their experiences of Reiki. I have been trying to use reiki every day.I plan to start doing sessions on family and friends. I feel I am ready :))"


"I want to really thank you for this great day with you. The Reiki 2 was such a powerful experience. Your presence to us is now so right and strong. I am happy to see you enjoying and sharing your passion and knowledge." 


"I have been trained at both Level 1 & Level 2 by Diana, and I can say that it was a very powerful experience on both occasions. The atmosphere was kind and really friendly - your individual needs are very much cared for and looked after (put simply, she is a very talented healer). I also found that if you email a question or need advice about Reiki, you will always get a thoughtful answer. Very highly recommended.‎


"Thank-you so much for the Reiki II attunement. I have been feeling great since Saturday and have already done some distant and face to face healings. My sensitive friend could feel the power of her first distant healing and after the second her very painful foot was much improved. When I do the distant ones I feel a strong alternating throbbing in my hands which feels like a magnetic ball of energy being passed from one to the other. Truly amazing."


"Thank you for the lovely day.  It was very good.  I have been using the symbols in three Reiki sessions since Saturday and it is powerful. The roof of my mouth and all my teeth tingle during each session now - it was not doing this in Reiki 1. In fact one of my next door neighbours, who had muscle and nerve problem in his left hand for a few weeks came to see me and I used the symbols and give him 20 mins of Reiki.  Next day, he rang to say all the pain has gone..  He couldn't believe it.   I told him, it was not me but Reiki doing the healing.  :)"


"First of all, thank you for amazing day, it was really great experience and I’m grateful for everything I’ve learnt that day Reiki Level 2 feels really great so far, I’m somehow really at ease and generally balanced and deeply in my thoughts."


Healing Landscapes on the Kent coast

Both Reiki I and Reiki II courses are run in small groups of up to 4 people in a relaxing home environment in Ramsgate, Kent, five minutes’ walk from the sea